August 4–8, 2014

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  • Your adventures in the eLearning Wilderness
  • iTeach Summer Camp

    UAA iTeach August 12–16, 2013

  • Course Architecture

    Course Architecture: Good planning makes for a good course. This workshop walks you through the process of scheduling assignments, planning your workload, and creating course navigation that isn’t confusing for your students.

  • Open Online Courses

    Open Online Courses: More than Just MOOCs. In this session we cover what “open” really means and why Higher Education administration is pushing so hard for online courses and what it means for you.

  • Copyright and Fair Use

    If you find Copyright a little confusing, this session will help you understand what your rights as an educator are. We’ll cover Fair Use principles, Creative Commons licensing and provide you with helpful tools to determine whether you’re stepping on anyone’s toes.

  • Learning Assessment Cycle

    Teaching can be messy. Learning can be even messier. We have some strategic ways of defining activities, determining assessment, and evaluating the success of that assignment.

  • Screencasting and Video Creation

    Screencasting and Video Creation: Written lecture notes can be dull. Keep your students engaged with high quality video lectures and screencasting. We offer two sessions during iTeach full of hands-on instruction.

  • Badging and Gamification

    Badging and Gamification: Some employers are increasingly looking at observable skill sets rather than courses completed and the grades earned for those courses. This session delves into some of the details of best practices and current trends.

  • Publishing Platforms:

    Publishing Platforms: Blackboard and Beyond. Online courses need good, structural supports. In this session we teach you how to publish your course on architecturally sound platforms. We cover Blackboard, WordPress, and beyond.

  • Big Ideas in the Classroom

    Big Ideas in the Classroom: We love teaching you how to use new web tools to create exciting learning experiences for your students, but all your students’ activities should lead your students to discover the central thesis of your course.

UA Statewide Collaboration
UAA has collaborated with UAF eLearning and Distance Education to adopt the iTeach training framework. View the UAF iTeach training opportunities and visit their extensive library of online training resources at iTeachU...
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Understanding by Design

Understanding by Design

"Backward design is goal directed. We aim for specific results and design backward from them accordingly." -Grant Wiggins & Jay McTighe, authors of Understanding by Design. Learn more about UBD at iTeachU...
iTeach provided a unique opportunity for an overview of teaching technologies available to support effective pedagogy and enhance student engagement and learning. Not for distance-delivered courses only!
— Previous UAA iTeach Participant